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Jun 24 2014

Adding a badge to an ActionBar tab

Adding a badge to an ActionBar tab is not incredibly straight forward and it's hard to find a good guide. So I wrote one myself.

May 18 2014

Reference a local .aar in your Android project

If you create an Android library project and you don't want to upload it to Maven central, it's a little tricky to add your .aar to an Android project

Apr 22 2013

Git is easy. Seriously.

A lot of developers often say things like "Git is easy, once you know it". I'm sick of reading those comments. Git is easy. Period.

Jul 26 2012

Version control best practices - Git edition

An extension on a previous post, this time with git specific best practices

generalversion controlgit
Jul 19 2012

Setting up multiple GitHub accounts on Windows

So you have Windows, you're using msysgit and you already have GitHub set up. But now you need to configure a second GitHub account on your computer.

version controlgit
Jul 10 2012

Track your BitBucket repository with Google Analytics

Recently I released my first open source code out in the wild, but I had no idea if people were actually looking at the code at all.

version controlanalytics
Jul 5 2012

Version control best practices

To prevent known source control mistakes from happening, I wrote down some best practices.

Jun 25 2012

Android development tips - Style inheritance

It's a good habit to use styles in your Android application. Styles get even cooler in Android once you figure out how to reuse them!

May 28 2012

.NET project workflow with Hg, BitBucket and AppHarbor

The past few weeks I've been working on a .NET project with a friend. We used Mercurial on BitBucket and AppHarbor to ease our workflow.

May 23 2012

Android development tips - Eclipse crash on deploy

"Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex", "An out of memory error has occurred", "GC overhead limit exceeded". Argh!

May 21 2012

Introducing NuGetFight

I teamed up with Koen Metsu to create, a website that makes it easier to decide which NuGet package to choose.

Mar 13 2012

A week without Google search

With all commotion about Google's new privacy policy and realizing how much the Internet giant controls my online life, I wanted to do an experiment.

Mar 5 2012

Project progress tracking with Google Docs and Trello

I recently learned about the power of Google Docs and I wanted to explore the possibilities.

Feb 27 2012

Upgrading my blog from WordPress to FunnelWeb

One of my resolutions for the year was to move my blog from WordPress to my own personal hosting. I have a few reasons for this...

Dec 28 2011

Building CoffeeScript with Sublime on Windows

As Iā€™m looking at CoffeeScript in my spare time, I wanted a fast way to build the scripts...

Dec 22 2011

Parallel programming in .NET - PLINQ

Now that we've covered the Task Parallel Library, it's time to move on...
Dec 16 2011

Parallel programming in .NET - Task Parallel Library

I have talked about parallel programming in .NET before, very briefly...
Oct 28 2011

Unit Testing Best Practices and Test Reviews with Roy Osherove

Yesterday I attended a session on unit testing by Roy Osherove in Copenhagen...

Aug 18 2011

Bing Maps - Geocoding in PowerShell

Since I had fun using the Bing Maps API in C#, I decided to try and do the same in PowerShell...

Aug 16 2011

Bing Maps - Geocoding and Imagery

Since I did a lot of GIS related stuff recently for work, I decided I'd have some fun with the Bing Maps API...

Aug 12 2011

PowerShell Script Commander

A while back I created this PowerShell script to remotely manage services...

Aug 11 2011

MapGuide OS - Failed while processing WebVirtualDirs

When you are installing MapGuide OS and you encounter following error: Failed while processing WebVirtualDirs...

Aug 9 2011

MapGuide ā€“ LayerDefinitionFactory in .NET

I encountered a problem today while working on a website that uses Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server 2012 (aka MapGuide) and it's API...

May 12 2011

Cool tool - Neptune (SMTP Testing Server)

It's always a big hassle to test sending e-mails from websites or applications written in .NET (or any other platform/language)...

Aug 30 2010

Parallel programming in .NET - Introduction

Sequential programming assumes a set of instructions that are executed sequentially by a single processor...

May 10 2010

Add help to your own PowerShell scripts

A while ago I created a script to manage services on a remote server (see Remote Service Manager)...

May 6 2010

PowerShell 2.0 - Remoting

This is the last part (of four) in a series of articles on the new features in PowerShell 2.0...

May 3 2010

PowerShell 2.0 - Modules

This is part three of four in a series of articles on the new features in PowerShell 2.0. Last time we discussed transactions...

Apr 29 2010

PowerShell 2.0 - Transactions

This is part two of four in a series of articles on the new features in PowerShell 2.0...

Apr 27 2010

PowerShell 2.0 - Background Jobs

I already told you about a few cool new features in PowerShell 2.0, now it's time to play with them...

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